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    Angry screeching noice when cranking over

    Right help needed i have a yamaha 00 1200 ltd great powerful ski i bought it about 5 weeks ago with an engine rebuild with proof, ran and sounded great, until my brother left the drain bung open i never checked them, anyway!! ran it for about an hour or so and just before we loaded it up the waring light came on stoped, and refused to start swam it in loaded it and started ok. brought it home hooked it to the hose started it i seen sparks coming from the bottom end of the engine towards the back, then refused to even turn over after that ive removed plugs and tried to crank it over nove i can hear a screeching sound and very very hard to move pistons, i know its going to cost me but any ideas on what might of happened or what was wrong please all ideas are welcome, even the box of matchs one....

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    If you seen sparks under the motor there is only a few things it could be. lets start with less painful it could be a bad ground connection or loose starter wire. now the bad is it sounds like you lost a rod and it went through the bottom case causing sparks when running.
    things to check would be loose connections at the starter the ground wire is located at the back bolts on the starter on the port side of the ski and the starter wire is just a few inches from there on the side of the starter.
    If the connections are good just feel around on the bottom of the motor for any broken metal or holes.
    If you can get it to turn over again do a compression test if you don't have a gauge just hold your finger tight over the spark plug hole and spin the motor if the compression blows past your finger you know that cylinder is building compression if there is no pressure against your finger wile spinning the motor there is a problem with that cylinder.
    Hope this helps

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    Thanks mudslanger any help is good help i hope its the starter wire il get to have a look at it this evening or the weekend i really am pissed as i only have the freeking thing but any more ideas il keep all posted, thanks again.

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    checked it out last night i have good compression in 1 and 2 3 has compression but is not constant cant feel any lumps missing out of casing or lying round the bottom of the hull. il keep checking.

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