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    Help! water ingestion nightmare. Did I save it or am I screwed?

    Took out the skis yesterday to queensway in long beach harbor. Rode around for a few minutes on the open ocean and the ski lost power mysteriously. Luckily my friend was nearby and rode over to see what was up. I soon realized I was sinking and sinking fast. We broke the rules and towed the ski onto the beach as fast as we could. When we got there water had already entered the carbs but not while running, while towing it sloshed in there because I was knew enough to not try to start it with all that water in there. While we were on the beach I drained what I could, disconnected the feed for the cooling system so we could tow it faster without a risk of filling the exhaust and motor with water. It was a two mile tow and when we got back I pulled the ski out of the wate the carbs and r, drained the hull, took out the plugs and turned it over and some water came out of the cylinders. Mostly the third cylinder. I happened to have some new br8hs so I threw those in there and turned over. The moter slowly sputtered to life and i plugged in the rinse fitting and ran it for a few mins pretty good so I would hopefully burn off all the remaining water. The ski seems to be starting right up and sounds just like it used to before it ingested the water. My question is what else should I do to help this ski recover... fog the carbs and motor? I sprayed with xps... I plan on taking it out today on the water based off my mechanics recommendations... found no leaks just the exhaust through hull connection came apart so that's why I sank. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    You have to run the snot out of it (like you mechanic said to) for a least an hour to get any water out from the bottom end. I guess fogging the motor wouldn't hurt.

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    Yeah I ran it today but only for a few minutes in oceanside harbor. Seemed to be running fine just bogged down after my outerwears got soaked ( as usual) tomorrow ill get new plugs and run it again.. maybe its alright but seems like there has to be something that needs to be replaced or cleaned to make sure its clean from salt. Ill try to get to the lake this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 420kushking View Post
    ...........seems like there has to be something that needs to be replaced or cleaned to make sure its clean from salt.
    This is the point. The only way to remove the salt is to keep it revved... as in riding it hard. Don't wait till the weekend, do it as quickly as possible. Even if you have to run it on a hose sitting in the driveway, set the rpm with the idle adjustment screw to high rpm and allow that engine to blow all of the salt out of it.

    There are potentially little pools of salt water sitting inside of your crank case, and nothing but bad things will happen if left remaining there.

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    UPDATE: Ok so I went out two days in a row in o'side harbor. Everything seemed to be running as normal. When I put the skis back on my side yard i always tilt them back on the end of the trailer so that the last bit of water drains out. When I did that I heard a bubbling sound that I have not heard before. I went to look and I tilted the skis back and forth to try and discern where the sound was coming from. I did not hear it on the other GP that I have and it did not sound like it was coming from the gas tank. At this point I think that is water in the crankcase bubbling up and down as i move the skis up and down. Today it is pouring rain so I cannot do anything but I am going to make the executive decision to pull the motor. I am borrowing a cherry picker tomorrow if necessary or is the engine light enough for me to lift (I am very strong) What do i do when I pull the motor? I need to drain the crankcase.. what does that involve? What should Coat the crankcase with more two stroke oil after its cleaned and rinsed out and dry? I am unfamiliar with multiple cylinder two strokes.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is looking at the crank after removing the intake manifold. When i turn over the motor by hand I can hear leaking air, is this normal? What is my course of action at this point, there was a small amount of water in there and i have drained it out. Crank looks surface oxidized a tad.

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    The air leaking noise could be the normal compression of air caused by the pistons moving.
    That add on hose that is blocked off is a little weird. Looks like someone tapped the cooling system jacket for some reason. Not sure why. As long as its not leaking, its ok just sitting there.

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    Yeah I could not figure out what that fitting was for. It does not seem to be leaking but I think I am going to seal it for good. What are your thoughts on the condition of that crank? Is that normal amount of surface rust or is that something to be concerned with? The rods look good to me.

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    looks fine to me. lube it up a bit to keep further rust away

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