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    Exclamation 2002 Polaris Virage 1200 EMM LOCATION?

    Purchased it for a good deal and wanted a project. I am a motorcycle mechanic but know nothing about jet skis figured this would be a fun project to learn on. first off when i purchased this jet-ski someone had already tried to fix it/ mess with it so some parts are off and or missing.

    Missing parts: (from what i can see)
    *Solenoid Starter
    *Resonator, Exhaust #1

    Question 1: i have the EMM (but it was disconnected and just sitting in the engine well), and i am unsure where it is suppose to be?? i have followed wires and cant seem to find where it is suppose to plug into.

    Question 2: Best / cheapest place to get the said parts mentioned above?

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    First, welcome to the Hulk.

    Question 1. It's mounted in the front under the steering just above the fuel tank. Remove the front storage bucket to get to it.

    Question 2. There are many places to gets parts. I would suggest looking here at K447's page under parts sources and comparing prices. You can also find many parts on eBay but shop around and compare prices, some folks on there think they are sitting on a pot of gold and want big $ for their stuff. In regard to the battery, I would suggest the Odyssey PC625 or one of the Deka AGM batteries. I use the PC 625 in my 02 Genesis I.

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