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Thread: Jet Ski docks ?

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    Jet Ski docks ?

    Hi guys, new to the forum with question about ski docks.

    Hi guys, I'm planning on picking up a pair of EZ Port 3 jet ski docks for my skis during the weekend and I was wondering if someone know anything about this brand and model. This are the drive on type with rollers.

    This are he ones that I'm looking at

    Any help will be greatly appreciat it

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    they look pretty cool, and i am sure the work perfect. Just dont buy this for your house if you live in Florida

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    I prefer the ones with rollers

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    I have a pair of EZ port maxx. They work well and were easy to install. The wife struggles to get the ski off the EZ ports as our skis are heavier 3 seaters.
    i am pulling them out of the lake this weekend to get ready for winter. One hinge pin to pull per dock and two plastic connectors and I will have them out in 10 minutes which is pretty cool. I will give them a quick clean up but and lube the rollers but they have been trouble free and low maintenance for me.

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    I use the EZ Port docks at my marina. They have both the older 1 roller, and the newer 3 or 4 roller types. The ones with the multiple rollers are 100% easier to get the ski on and off, so go with that model.

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    They all work pretty good. I use a brand called "Dandy Dock." I liked these best because they have a bigger bow stop to keep the skis from slamming into the dock in case someone gives it too much gas getting it on to the dock. It also has a built in cable to tie the ski on it if needed, and tie loops built on to the side for your friends to tie their skis up to.

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