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    EZ Port 3 dock ?

    Hi guys, new to the forum looking for some opinions.

    Hi guys, I'm planning on picking up a pair of EZ Port 3 jet ski docks for my skis during the weekend and I was wondering if someone know anything about this brand and model. This are the drive on type with rollers.

    This are the ones that I'm looking at

    Any help will be greatly appreciat it

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    Those are def top of the list. Rollers are nice to push the ski off and they keep the bottom from getting scratched up, you just have to be real careful because its also much easier to overshoot and smash the bulkhead. These are deep in the front though to help prevent that

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    Thanks for the quick reply, you mentioned they are top of the list, ar eyou talking about brand or roller type? or both?

    Thanks again.

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    No that's my list that I just made up ha ha. I'm on and off a lot of those things. I never pay attention to brands our anything I just know what the different ones look like. I couldn't tell you much about durability but ease of use and stability, those are great

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