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    98 Sportster 1800 - Oil switching

    ok, I have been reading the threads here on the moving from convetional 2 stroke oil to synthetic 2 stoke. My boat has been using Seadoo Mineral Oil 2 stroke since the begining. The engines are 717cc. I want to move over to Amsoil synthetic just like my other 2 jet skis I own just for buying 1 oil type and I like amsoil oil. That stuff works great, very low smoke in the water and I know my skis are protected. My only grip is I wish they would color it since its hard to tell the difference when you premix to regular gas.

    So do I have to drain and clean all the lines oil out to move over to Amsoil or can I just mix it? I am a tall person and I know I could fit in the engine compartment its just not real easy.

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    If it was my boat switching to different oil is grounds for pull off lines and cleaning the oil system. I would flush the lines and check for metal.
    I've had customers use what ever back in the days. Like 10w30 and those 717 still ran.. WTF!

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