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    Anyone have a Zieman double trailer – Need measurements

    I bought a 98spx off of ebay that happen to come with a Zieman double trailer. I already have a Shorelander double Trailer and this one needed some TLC – mostly cosmetic (paint). I was going to sell it but decided to keep it as I acquired yet another ski and needed another double anyway.

    Here’s my delima

    I own 4 skis – 2 Seadoo’s (98GSXL & 98SPX) sitting on Shorelander – all is good

    2 Yamaha’s (00XL800 & 02XLT1200) don’t fit on Zieman – not so good - WTH?

    Pics So you’ll see I’m not crazy
    1st pic – What I bought and how it first looked when I brought it home
    Click image for larger version. 

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    2nd pic – See the types of bunks this Zieman has – Adjustable and the bunks slide on 2”x2” square tubing. They’re also set on bottom holes so bunks are as high as it can go – Ok
    >Click image for larger version. 

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    3rd pic – Bunks over so far that the 800 almost touches the fender @#$*! And the ski still crosses centerline so the 1200 can’t even be put on – OK OK not high enough to move ski up and over the fender hmmmmmm
    >Click image for larger version. 

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    4th pic – rusty example of what I see out there (sorry bad example) but you can see the difference in the bunk & overall design.
    >Click image for larger version. 

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    Started looking on web for pics and noticed my Zieman was different from most pictured. That last pic I borrowed from ebay but it represents what seems to be the majority of Zieman trailers that I see. I wish I could reference one around here but I’ve never seen one before and well……..they are made in Cali so I figure these are mainly used on the west coast - Anyway I did call Zieman and bought 2 new complete keel stops (Mine were butchered) and I started explaining / asking them what I had to their service / parts guy and well it has been painful long enough and I need to finish this thing.

    If you have a Zieman double I need the following measurements

    1. Keel stops centerline – How far apart are the wench stands – mounts on 2” square tubing (How far apart the tubes are) - & this will establish how far apart I need to put mine. I can center it overall from there. I’ve already cut away what I had so I can do pretty much do anything I want but I’m replicating what you see above in pic 4
    2. How far apart are the bunk brackets (Wings – lack of a better word) that weld to the cross bar – I bought new ones and Zieman did tell me they are 8 & 1/2” apart from the inside but I need to confirm
    3. Then where those cross bars (bunk brackets – 3” C channel) measure from the rear so I can put mine close to where they do originally.

    I’m not trying to reinvent this trailer is why I’m asking for help on this one. Those few measurements will help me put it close to where it needs to be. I have a title but it doesn’t state the year of the trailer – only a California Assigned ID number so… Seems like a nice trailer –I’ll get it blasted / new tires / new wiring etc

    I plan on making it look like new

    Sorry for the long post but hard to explain this one without the small details

    I'll post more pics of my progress

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    Ok started yanking out the old cross bars

    Started putting back 3" cross bars that are even with the 3" C channel and not under it like the original bars

    Here's the bunk brackets I need to mount then on to the front keel stop mount bars

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    If your still in need of the measurements I can help. I just saw your post and I have a 2002 zieman double trailer with a 02 yamaha fx 140 and a 02 rxdi on it. They both fit but also have the close clearance issues on the sides. It really hasn't been an issue for me. if you need the measurements or pictures pm me.

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