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    GPR hull repair and re- gel coat

    Hi Guys

    i have a fiberglass repair to complete and to finish off i will re-gellcoat the Hull of my gpr 1300 .

    i will need to at least lay my ski at 180deg for access to my hull or completly turn her upside down.

    questions and advice needed please ?

    • if petrol and oil tank emty can i keep my ski turned over whilst i repair
    • if i have to lay her on her side at 180deg , what side is best , exhuast or throttle bodies side
    • any issues i may face with any of the ideas above ?
    many thanks in advance guys


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    Use the correct products. The GPRs are not fiberglass and are not gelcoated. They are SMC and painted. A normal fiberglass repair won't work.

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    I'll second that! I've had skis that I've had to repair or were ruined because someone used polyester resin to repair. After a while, the patch will peel like an old scab. Only use epoxy to repair SMC. Do a little internet research before you start, SMC is different than what you may be used to. Gelcoat won't stick either, BTW, that's why they're painted.

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    I think marine tex is used on the yamaha hulls for repairs although I'm not sure if it is best to use it on an severe damage

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