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    2008 Kawasaki ultra 250x supercharger!

    Hi All!

    I am new at this and i was wondering how i fog the supercharger on my jet ski?
    I cant find it on my manual, i dont fog it threw the gear oil diopstick? So how do i fog it.
    I read a post and someone said they fog after every ride? Im new at this but i didnt fog mine after every use. Any info would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for all the help.


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    The 300 has a dedicated fogging tube, the 250 never had a provision for this. What I did was drill a small hole in the intake tube and insert the red plastic straw and fog the charger that way on my 250.

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    What will happen if it is not fogged?

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    It WILL seize if you ride in salt

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    100 hrs done on salt water and never fogged machine once, only flushed after every ride, never had an issue. Maybe just lucky? never winterised, just stored indoors and started every few weeks, that's all iv'e every done.
    I do how ever have a mate with an ultra 250 with only 27hrs and his charger did seize after only being unused for a few weeks. He painstakingly removed super charger and managed to clean salt deposits and free off. He then refitted and started ok. He Decided to drill the intake tube to fit a fogging tube, without removing it 1st and a small piece of rubber must have dropped inside tube and was sucked into the super charger and seized it again. So what i'm saying is if you decide to drill the intake tube, REMOVE IT 1st.

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