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    06 RXT VTS Wiring.

    Ok I have searched the froum high and low found a few tid bits here and there but nothing Specific.

    What I am looking for is to add the VTS to the RXT and am Going to use the exsisting Wiring harness, now I know that I need A vts swithch and Cover/button, Butt can I still use the existing Steering harness and Just add the Connector from a RXP?

    I know Someone on here use the existing Harnes jus would like to know how the made it work and look like a O.E.M. Equiptment

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    you need to add around 5 pins into the ECU

    2 of these go to the switch on the handle bars

    others go the the VTS housing

    Also need to add a ground (i just used the engine block) and positive from the fuse box, as well as a jumper in the fuse box.

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    Search the How-To section for a thread started by Gus13letter.

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