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    1996 waveraider 1100 triple pisser question

    hey all,

    im in the U.K and wish to ask a question about the above.

    in the water the ski runs perfect and the pisser flows.

    on the hose at home the water comes out of the back(exhaust and jet pump) but not out the pisser! even with my tap of as fast as it will go. (quite fast at that)

    any suggestions or hints?
    i have checked the water lines and they seem clear but i could be missing something.

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    i have just spent 2 hours taking the exhaust apart to fin the lower water hose to be clear but where it goes into the exhaust pipework it was full of sand and grit. there is a rubber sleeve in the exhaust which was so clogged it was unreal!

    i have removed all the sand and will be testing it tomorrow as its 12.50am here in U.K!

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