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    Need Help !!!!!!!! GP 1200

    I have a 1997 GP 1200 with problems. Last weekend took out to lake got back home flushed and put away in my garage. Yesterday went to crank it and did not start i pulled spark plugs and all 3 cilynders are full of gas.Checked carburator and was also full of gas to the top.WTF?

    Need advise is this normal in a GP 1200 ? What do i need to check for ?

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    Were all the cylinders and carbs filled with gas. Was the gas really to the top of the carb throat? I am not sure how that could have happened, but maybe a bad needle valve or seat. Still thats a bunch of fuel. Must be lots of pressure building in the tank. Check fuel tank pressure next time you get home from riding and see if there is excess pressure built in the tank. I think there is a check valve on the the top of the tank on the 1200. Might want to check see if it is working. Just a few thoughts. Have you had this ski long?

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    If the cylinders were full of gas but it didn't fire it would seem you have no spark.
    Have you checked? Maybe CDI failed? Still doesn't explain full carbs, though.

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    Must be a bad needle and seat and that caused the fuel to just siphon out of the tank into the engine. Did you have the fuel selector in the "Off" position?

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