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    Stuck wastegate on MSX 150

    I bought the ski for a pretty good price, the original owner told me the turbo was bad. Well after a few quick tests at home i come to find the waste gate is stuck open, i cant move it by hand, and got it to move a little with pliers. What are my options going forward from here, i tried to remove the extending exhaust pipe that connects to the manifold to look at the waste gate but the bolts don't want to come loose, i already stripped a head of one, i am using the correct size tool with the "round" top.

    I know the obvious thing to do is replace the manifold, but that requires removing the engine, and i don't think i am up to the task :-/. Anything i can try that i am overlooking?

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    You can try soaking the waste gate with penetrating oil and working back and forth for about 5000 hours straight. Odds are, its gonna get stuck again. Or you can pull the turbo (basically have to remove everything except the engine itself to do that) and have the bushing around the waste gate shaft replaced. I did read someone on here soaked a rag with lube and left it over the waste gate shaft but I don't know how affective it was.

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    Give the penetrating oil a go. Plenty have succeeded with this. Do a search on the subject, there has been quite a few posts written on this with a few tips to help the process along.

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    Thanks guys, i didnt realize it was a common problem or i would have taken more time to search

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    Ok soul raver I've been here before what u need to do is wrap some absorbent material round end of shaft were is dissapears in to manifold then soak it in auto trans oil and leave it for a week or two keep it wet with oil tho trust me this works before this I used cans of wd40 and moved it with pliers for ages this doesn't work. Oily rag trick works I leave it on all the time now and mines so easy to move now

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