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    ecu pins

    anyone know what type of connector yamaha uses? or where to get the ecu pins. i have a wire that goes into my ecu connector that isn't making good contact. need to cut the wire back and add a new pin to it and put it back in the connector.

    obviously its am ampseal connector but what pins are the correct ones?
    any info is appreciated.

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    awesome, thats why i love green hulk.
    i did find edelbrock the american automotive company has the 26 pin amp super seal connector kit.
    part # 91220 its the same connector and pins used on the vx110 and the newer yamaha ecu's.

    now? here might be a stumper.... any chance of the pins on the older fx ho tps connector?
    i wish yamaha would list these in their electrical as repair kits.

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    FX 140/160 ECUs have a 44 pin connector that doesn't use all of the pins. Maybe you can locate something that isn't being used and move/splice, or how about a junk wire harness? If not, you can find crimp connectors that fit the pins at Radio Shack or a good electronics store. You will have to seal everything properly after repairs for moisture.


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    im making my own harness, i don't prefer to hack anything or find pins that are close to fitting. i just ended up cutting the air box harness that i have and using the tps wiring from it. having to extend the wires solder and heatshrink them together and then add the ecu pins to the end. just awaiting my ecu pins to show up.

    long story short i took a 05 vx110 harness and made it into a fx ho harness but with the ecu up front in the ski instead of behind the engine.
    removed all the throttle by wire bs, the receiver module, steering sensor wiring, ect. its coming out nicely.
    just waiting on my raychem tubing, heatshrink, and ecu pins to come in.

    converting this harness i had to add the wires for the tps. they were already there in the vx harness but the wires and ecu pins were green with corrosion. so im replacing them before it causes me headache.

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