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    ride shoe/ pump shoe

    will a gp1200 ride shoe fit an xlt1200. more like will the bolt holes line up without having to either redrill the hull or oblong the ride shoe holes? i have an xlt1200 and wanted to go with the flat bottom ride shoe of the fx140 but the mounting holes don't line up, not a big deal but if a gp1200 ride shoe fits and bolt holes line up id rather go that route. I just don't have one at work to try for myself.

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    None of them fit, the FX was done but it was a FLAT water mod, pretty dangerous in the chop. It would unhook in light chop if you werent careful. I had it on mine and switched it back to original. Also yes the mounting had to be modded for the fx to be done.
    GPR will not fit.

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    good to know. yeah i saw it done on the carbon fiber xlt sho swap. sparked some interest. didn't know it was for flat water only. i just want this thing to handle. ill be riding to the bimini island from miami so this is far from just a flat water ski.

    so is the riva or r&d ride plate for the xlt, does it match up with the ride shoe? or is it flat?

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    The riva and R&D plates are both made by R&D. Rivas slaps their name on it. Both are flat.

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    so wouldn't you want to match the flat plate with the flat ride shoe of the fx? only seems logical not to have the step from the ride shoe to the ride plate. or going from the v shaped ride shoe to a flat ride plate.

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