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    Another Jetworks Mod question

    Decided to post my question as a new thread.

    So i was reading through everything. I was wondering thoughts on "Y"ing off the water input to the exhaust manifold for the input to the jetworks valve?
    That way there would be no need to go throught the hull to get the water supply. It could even be after the flush although im not sure the pressure would get up enough to open it on land. Or you think this is going to have the same problem that Cosca's version has?

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    Read here it was just discussed---->

    Quote Originally Posted by salty View Post
    It would not be adviseable to "T" at the exhaust manifold at the bottom of the hull because you could rob cooling water from the cylinders and head.

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    Don't Y off the existing water inlet hose. The jetworks valve needs it's own water supply from the pump.

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