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    Question 1998 GP1200 is OEM Paint or gelcoat ?

    Hi All,

    I recently baught a 98 GP1200,
    the previous owner painted the entire ski (top and bottom) glossy black with automotive paint.

    I am wanting to know is OEM on these skis gel coat on the bottom and paint on the top deck ?

    I got the ski for my wife and she loves the black color, but wants to repaint it with a black with hot pink graphics.

    what are your thought on this ?


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    The GP1200 is SMC (Sheet molded compound) and are not gelcoated. I think the color is molded in but it could be paint. I can't remember for sure. either way, I believe gelcoat won't stick to SMC so you'll need to paint it to change the color. And you have to use the correct primer and paint to make it stick.

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    Thank you,
    I will do some more searching on this.

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