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    Kawa ultra 250x temp problems?

    First of all sorry about my English... I am from Lisbon-Portugal.
    I just bought a ultra 250x. It is a good jetsky, very stable, etc... but every body here told me about some problems with heating temp that some times broke the engine.
    Well here in summer we have water temp about 24º celcius and outside about 35 some times 40 º celsius. My quwestion is: there is some thing I can doo to avoid hiegth temp in the Ic in way to not broke the engine? The oil I use is a SAE 10 40 4 stroke. Some people change the oil cooler for a big one There is a solution? The Kawa is original there is no modifications. I apreciete if some body help me in this field.

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    i dont see what your problem is, keep it stock and just ride it

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    same here ,
    your conditions are the same as mine................just ride and look after it correctly and all will be fine.


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