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    Whats the best ride plate/grate combo for chop

    Just wondering what plate,grate combo for a 07,RXP is the best for choppy conditions. I'm running a turbo and have decent power just it's hard to put it down when u get a little rough stuff. ATM I'm running a 3 blade skat prop with stock pump but am switching to a 162mm skat pump.

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    R & D intake grate has been proven in choppy conditions......

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    The RXP doesnt handle well at all it's going to need more than just a grate. The extra
    Power makes it even worse.

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    Riva sponsons in the "all the way down" setting made a huge difference in tracking & staying planted in the ocean, it was very predictable compared to the stock sponson ride. I ran the R&D intake, stock ride plate & Riva pro block offs too.
    Some are saying the riva ride plate is good for tracking & rough water handling too.

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    Worx grate on a Rxp I personaly found the best in chop with a bit extra hp. Ride plate I can't see helping to much with sticking down until u turn.
    Rxp's are like pogo sticks in the heavy chop . I stuck better with a custom set of opas and a extension to the oem ride plate. No good if your after top speeds on a glass lake though.

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    How does the riva plate hook up compared to the stock plate in the rough stuff.

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    I use the Riva plate with R&D intake grate!The handling and stability on chop is much much better than stock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by damo.r View Post
    How does the riva plate hook up compared to the stock plate in the rough stuff.
    The Riva plate hooks up way better. At least on an X boat I can say for sure.

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