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Thread: plug wires

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    plug wires

    i have an 88 js 550 and it need plug wires. how do i change them?

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    Assuming they're like the newer 'Skis, you'll have to dig the wires out of the coil. Use needle nose pliers, an X-acto knife, or whatever. Somebody suggested taking an old automotive pushrod and cutting teeth in the end, then chucking that in a drill. Just be careful you don't drill too far. The wire is probably 3/4" deep into the coil.

    Buy some spark plug wire with a steel core. When you get the old wire out of the coil, you'll see a pin down in the bottom of the hole. Coat the outside of the wire with some 3M 5200 and push the new wire down on the pin (don't strip the insulation off the wire). Let the 5200 cure, route the wire through the fitting in the ignition box and screw on the spark plug boot.

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