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    Water sitting in the foot wells of RXT is 255 2009

    As this is my first ski I'm not sure if other ski's are like this but I havealmost tipped it twice and it takes on a lot of water in the foot wells. Itdoesn't cause any problems but it doesn't drain away by itself, you have to gofor a blast around and then water will drain away. It doesn't go inside thehull so it's not a major problem and I love my ski it just seems like a baddesign. Anyone out there that has had another ski and now has the is model,what are your thoughts.

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    All skis allow water to sit in the footwells. Its just the way they are designed, the foot pad sloped down towards the front, water can not flow up hill so it sits there until you get on plane. Then the water can run out because the angle has changed. That fact that you have almost flipped a RXT would be of concern tho, I have never even come close to tipping my RXP which is smaller.

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    All you have to do is floor it with trim up and the water goes away, they all do it. An RXT should not be easy to tip unless there are three large people on there.

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