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Thread: Blown motor

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    Angry Blown motor

    Hope everybody doing well haven't been back in a while. I have 07 speedster with less than 20 hours. Have not had a lot of time to use. Took in to shop for service to change oil, plugs regular maintenence. Took boat out 2 times and it ran great. The third time idled, left 5 mile zone and hit accelerator. Ran great, up to 59 mph no problems. After about 5 min lost half power. Shut down nothing but gray smoke. Towed in to shore took back to shop and they say that #2 piston broke and ruined case, crank, etc. Anybody have any suggestions as to what could have happened? Of course warrantys up and they want 4500 to put in new motor.

    Thanks Ron

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    Sorry to hear that..

    Maybe that bad gas you had reduced your #2 injector flow due to varnish build up and caused that cylinder to run hot & lean? Are you running any mods?

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    No, completely stock, had wanted to do a lot of things reading this forum but never got to it.

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    Not to be cheeky, but it looks like you'll get your chance to mod your boat now.

    There's actually quite a few motors that get parted out on here, complete, or as short-blocks.

    Soory to hear of your bad news, but i smell an opportunity to get those mods in!

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    want to sell it,,,,as-is

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