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    Anodes for pwc's?

    Does anyone know if there are aftermarket anodes to put on pwcs? and can anyone suggest something (if there's anything) that can remove the corrosion off my rideplate and intake grate?


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    look at a seadoo jetboat with a mercury sport jet motor. they have bolt on zinc anodes you can put on your ski. might be able to use an existing bolt or may have to drill and tap spot on your rideplate and or pump to atatch the zinc.
    other than regular flushing after you ride why would you have such bad corrosion to need to add zinc's? if its sitting in the water jet drives and ski's aren't meant to sit in the water.

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    The ski sits on a jetdock all year round (for the past 4 years) so that's why it has corrosion. A lot of it! I think though anodes are used in conjunction with shore power, which wouldn't be an option. We have 2 skis and only a single pwc trailer so the "better" of the 2 gets to hibernate in the garage in winter. I'd like to get a new 2012 next year plus a double trailer so hopefully, won't have these issues anymore and both skis can spend the winter out of the water.

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    the anodes are just sacrificial metal. doesn't have to have shore power to work. just keeps the corrosion down whatever they are bolted to. the corrosion will atack the sacrificial metal instead of the aluminum.

    here is another link to same discussion. on a polaris though. if im correct the 4 tec seadoos also have zinc's on the pump somewhere.

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    here it is on a seadoo pump.

    part number 34

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