I have a small issue going on and wanted to see if anyone else had a similar problem in the past and how they fixed it.

I have a 2009 FZR with the mods in my signature and it has been runnning strong with zero issues. Just recently I have noticed at full power sometimes it runs 8450-8500 at 80+ and sometimes it runs 7900-8100 in the mid to upper 70's. I went out this morning when it was calm and quiet thinking that maybe the times it was revving lower was in choppier conditions but today I made about 8-10 passes at WOT and only 2 passes did it climb into the 8400-8500 range at 81-82mph. The other 6-8 times it would only spin 7900-8050 at 77mph. The couple of times it did spin 8500, it was weird. It would spin right up to 8000 and sit there for a few seconds and then it was like it shifts into second gear. The intake noise would increase and the rpms would quickly move up the ladder to 8500 and pick up 5mph and it would stay there as long as I would hold it but when I let off and got back on it, it would go back to 8000 and sit there and sometimes it would do it again and jump up to 8500 but most times it would just stay at 8000.

It is also getting fussier with idle. Most times it will idle at 1220-1260 like it always has but sometimes it will drop off and rough idle at 800-1000 and most times it will stall that low of an idle. I am wondering if there is a Throttle Positioning Sensor going bad or if the Throttle Body isn't opening up all the way most times and just out of the blue it decides it wants to open up and run the way it always has??? Maybe a knock sensor pulling timing out or reducing the TB's ability to function properly???

Anyone have this happen to them before?

90% of the time it idles fine and the idle to 3/4 throttle is perfect but only 10-20% of the time will it actually rev to where it is suppossed to. The AFR's are beautiful all of the time so that is what is making me think something in the fly by wire system is starting to go and making things not work at 100%. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks