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    ZXI 1100 Impeller

    Hi Guys & Girls,

    Looking at replacing my impeller on the 98 ZXI 1100 skiI have just purchased.

    I can get my hands on a Skat Trak 13-22 prop pretty cheap. Is this going to be too far from stock to be any good down low? I think recommended is a 13-18.

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    I know this is a little old but in case you haven't done it yet or for anyone else the recommended on the ZXi 1100 is 12/18 but the pitch varies between manufactures. For example, Skat-Trak could be 13/18 which could be a 13/19 or 12/18 with like Solas and vice versa. But the base to go on is 12/18 and the check with the manufacture which is best.

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    is there any way to make my 1100 zxi look like a 3 seater? i wanna pull a tube but state law doesnt allow it and it has more than enough hp to do it.

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    Scoot forward on the seat and change the decal.

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