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    Yamaha Pop-off Presure problems

    2001 Yamaha GP800R rebult carbs, replaced needle & seat (1.2) Gold spring. Does anybody know what the pop-off presure is?? Asked Yamaha dealer said anywhere between 40-60?? Mag carb will not pop had it all the way to 70psi, PTO carb gets to 54psi and thats as far as it goes acts like thats the pop-off. The Yamaha shop manual gives no specs???
    Thanks, Jetman750

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    Do a search in the search engine in the top right hand corner

    pop off pressure chart

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    Thanks Creative! Checked the chart out and did some research, going to change N/S and spring and see if that works??

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    i have been going though the same type thing and trying everthing i can think off,let me know how it works for you

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    will run good at 45 pounds clip a littel off spring at a time till pop off is set .but check arm spring for correct height .are these new parts the .and are the needle are seat bleeding air by them before it pops off

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    Going to go with 1.5 n/s & the chrome spring should pop around 40-45??

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    Read next post.... thanks!

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