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    Rxt-x 2008 problem discharge battery

    Hi, my rxt-x seems to be with some kind of problem.
    Last weekend took it to the beach and battery was discharged, no problem had a booster there and started ski with no problems but noticed why battery dicharges so often!
    With DESS key out and away from jet dashboard turns on along with fuel pump for about2 seconds every 10 seconds or so.

    Any idea where this might come from? I disconnected battery for now, also removinf main relay works, but wanted to sort this out.

    If anyone got any idea let me know where to start from!



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    Any idea anyone?

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    May be a bad DESS post

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    I'll check it... don't know where to start...

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    Quote Originally Posted by winterstick View Post
    May be a bad DESS post
    I had the same problem with a couple skis!!!

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    if your not riding the ski within 1 week disconnect the battery or it will slowly drain.

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    Check the steering harnness if not discconect the ecu and see if keeps doing it.

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