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    94 yamaha pro vxr display problem

    i have recently brought my uncles pro vxr back from the dead. when i got it it was a bare shell and parts and pieces. all of the wiring in the ski was done by me it had no computer in it. i picked up a used unit and wired it in. after taking it for a test ride i noticed it was sluggish and not getting up to speed fast enough. (dual carbs, high compression head, pro-tec pipe. motor has alot of power basically) i threw in a new msd enhancer ignition and worked great and display showed fuel and rpms. after i got engine and carbs rebuilt the display dosnt show anything or light up at all. good battery and good wiring. i soldered wires and used heat shrink to keep water out. anyone have any ideas on how to fix the display or tell weather its just shot?
    thanks in advance

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    Probably want to ask this in the old school sub forum...

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