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    2006 RTX took on water after tow in

    Recently I had to have my RXT towed in after some SC issues. Then it slowly started to fill up with water over an hour period of time. I had an emergency portable 1000 GPM bilge pump with a 1" line that I keep on my boat that we drained the water with, and then towed it to the trailer from the houseboat. Once on the trailer the water did not leak out anywhere. I had to open the drains to remove the water. Would towing the RTX cause it to take on water?

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    Yes The Manual tells you need to clamp one of the hose's prior to towing I just can't remeber the right one also i depends on how fast it was being towed again manual states not to go over 15mph while in tow

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    Don't try to start it!!!

    As you tow, water will slowly work it's way through the water line, through the intercooler, exhaust, and fill up your water box. Then it will happily travel up and into your exhaust manifold and into your exhaust ports and cylinders. Pull the water box, dump the water. Pull the spark plugs, check for water. Check the oil for water. Even pull your intake (mine leaked when the hull filled up, sigh) and check the supercharger for water. It gets everywhere... Good luck!!
    **Oh, and to stop this from happening while towing, you can buy a valve at Lowe's or Home Depot and install it between your pump and ic. When you tow, shut the valve. Ready to ride, open. It's a lifesaver!

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    I can see how water can enter the engine while towing but for it to enter the hull surely that would mean it would have to fill the engine and then start leaking out the intake - thats a whole lot of water!!!

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    The water is coming in through the bailers. They will actually suck water into hull sometimes. Under tow, or when sitting in the water for long periods of time. It can also come in when they are not tied up high. Good luck. It is the only way water can get in.. Unless the front storage gromitt (sp) is bad and water came over the front of the boat. My bet is that it is coming in from the bailers....

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