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    sxr800 for stock class,,

    any suggestion from sifu2,, i want mod my sxr for stock class,, what must i do for the best perfomance and handling,,

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    here are some things, we have on our own SXR.

    you may want to reed the rules, in your country for alowed mods in stock class.

    blowsion, tubbie destroyers
    TBM scoop
    Jet dynamics ride plate
    RRP handle pole, with UMI steering
    tau ceti flame arrestors, primer kit, rejetted carbs.
    r&d timing advance kit
    r&d pump shoe stuffer kit
    solas dyna fly prop
    r&d pipe stinger reducer.

    i can supply you with all these, if you need.

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    im already oder a few parts at macc racing,, now im confius about ignition system to chose,,, advent,,macc racing or mitsubishi,,
    about handle pole and stering,, how much it??

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    GO with the following and ALL parts you buy from Macc

    macc tubbies
    Bullett ride plate
    Skat-Trak Intake grate
    Macc Ignition
    Riva Tornado Flame Arrestors
    rejet carbs
    exhaust stuffer
    rrp pole and steering setup from Macc Racing
    Water Routing
    HtMoto Macc Racing Mat kit with 2'' kicker
    Solas Prop
    Pump Stuffer (or use right stuff silicone and fill it in yourself)

    Call Macc racing and tell him Brian sent you!

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