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    Group buy on the new Kerry Performance Group package

    This poll is to get a head count for those that want the new package at $500 each.

    Questions about the package can be asked on the other thread.
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    Package info

    Ok It looks like I need to get some names with this.
    This will not work for everyone, I need your set up.
    I will not reveal who this will and who this will not help untill after for ovious reasons.

    All will have to pay first, then at the end some will get a refund.
    All will have to agree to a disclamer, saying that under any circmstances or conditions what so ever that could arise in any way that you and your family will not hold me or my family under any circumstances conditions responsible for any outcomes what so ever under any circumstances period. That you will not sue or seek any leagle remady against me or my family under any conditions whether or not should you be hurt or injered in any way under any circunstances.

    I doint have anything anway.

    If you do paypal thats fine but there are fees with paypal and you will have to pay those both ways should the need arise.
    Therefore there should be probly 3 more than 20. thats a guess, it may work for all 20 and it may work for none but I think 23 is realstic to get 20.

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    OK---- 1996 raider 1100 --any love for the old school???.......I still have the video of your ZXI running 70...........let us know..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by BULLRAIDER View Post
    OK---- 1996 raider 1100 --any love for the old school???.......I still have the video of your ZXI running 70...........let us know..........
    Very sorry this is only for the gpr hull I can say that.
    Thanks for the memories.

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    Is this a new package and how is it different??

    Yes this is different from anything I have ever offered. This is not like the other package previously sold. The new package info is not in any other packages.

    If I were to buy this new package could I get a discount on the old speed package and would it futher enhance my performance??

    Yes -- I will for a limited time give a discounted down price of
    250.00 minus the paypal fees.

    Can anyone buy a package??

    Yes on the previous speed package... Price for previous speed package is 750.00 if purchased separately.

    No on the new 2-4MPH package because it will all depend on your set-up. I will determine who will benefit from it.

    Who is eligble to buy the new package and who is it for??

    Any gpr owner that is not in the repair or hop up business for other gprs.

    Are there others I can buy this new package from?

    No!! No one at all at any time other than myself has permission to sell, distribute, or pass along, or share in any way any of this info at any time. You will agree to this as part if the deal along with other things.

    Does this package have a different name?

    Yes. This is the "2 to 4 mph package" the old one is called the "speed package."

    Ok so what do I get?

    You will get info only on what to change or to buy to get 2 to 4 mph over your current setup. You will also get my phone number for questions.
    The info will include pictures and exact mesurments. It would be best to have a dail caliper and you should already have one as this is mainly for the do it yourself type person. Carquest here has super claipers for only 19.95 now and they work great.

    So do I have to buy a bunch of exspensive parts from you?

    No, not from me unless you want to, but some will have to spend some money on parts and I estimate this to be 500.00 dollars max for the worst case scenario. Some will spend less. Some will not have any new parts to get.

    This sounds all ok so far, but 500.00 bucks is a lot of cabbage for 2 to 4 MPH and I have to do all the work.

    Are you from this plantet???????????? Just kidding!

    Ok smart ass could you just answer my questions?

    opps, yea, ok sorry now what was it you wanted to know?

    Could i be hurt or injured doing these modifications to my boat??


    Could this make my boat dangerous??

    Yes, any boat at these speeds are extermly dangerous and could pitch the rider at any time for any number of reasons and could cause death or injury.
    Leave your boat stock if this is a risk you are unwilling to bear the responsibility for on your own.

    Will you be held responsible for any of these problems??

    You must agree as part of this deal to take your on risk and not hold me or my family responsible under any circimstances at all. I gues you could say this is for amsument only.

    Where did you learn to spell or type??

    Sorry for the poor grammar and spelling, but John Abbott just fixed it for me.

    Whats all this about vin numbers for my boat and why you need that?

    This is to minimize sharing, so if someone gets this info and is not supposed to have it, then it will be traceable to that person.

    Will this work on any gpr even the 800R modle??

    Yes, but there are some limits but it will work on any gpr.

    What if I pay you 500.00 of my hard earned dollars and it will not benefit my current speed??

    Each person (once the minimum of 20 people have paid up) will be addressed on there exact setup. If this is not able to help your speed then you will be refunded your money minus any fees like paypal. You will not recieve any info untill I see and decide if this will help your speed. But I can't start telling whos setup will and won't work until a minimum has been met to help prevent the sharing of this info.

    Is there any kind of a sastifaction money back guarantee??

    No. Only those who will not see a minimum of 2 mph increase. This will be decided by me before any info is given. If a refund is granted, they will recieve a refund less any fees such as paypal.

    You sure are a hardass to deal with seems like to me.

    UUhh thats not a question but understandable. Sorry, But I try to accomidate everyone as much as possible but you can't please everyone at the same time.

    Ok, I understand that you will take my money and show me how to go faster on my gpr it may cost as much as 500.00 more dollars to get all this extra speed. I have to do all the work, take all the responsibility, or tell anyone else how I got this speed other than to refer them to you? And If it won't help my speed; only you get to decide if I get a refund less any fees???

    Yes that pretty much sums it up, more or less.

    Ok sign me up how do I get the process started and if I have more questions can I ask?

    Yes, you can ask me by pm or email. I need your current setup typed to me via pm or email. I also need your Name, address, and phone number.
    You will need to agree to the disclaimers here and in other places by receiving it from me via pm or email then returning such the same way as Acknowledgement that you read the terms and agreed. There must be at least 20 working payed in full before release. If 20 are not achieved then those who have already payed will be refuned less any fees.


    Man thats alot of typing for a hunt and pecker like me.
    This poster is not responsible if you can't understand this.
    KERRY PERFORMANCE GROUP - (931) 815-2219
    MY EMAIL- [email protected]
    MY PICS:

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    That just about sums everything up.
    Well said Kerry...........I wish it would work on an xlt1200.

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    Thanks for all the clarifications. I have no questions left. Makes deciding easier now.. Cheers to the new Kerry PR man..

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    IM hoping this isnt a one time deal. I have to many other projects going on right now but this looks like something I will be needing before to long.
    You've answered all my question Kerry (thats what I've been looking for), Great job in both your findings and your PR skills improvements.

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    Jan 09 update

    Some have not contaced me at all, some have cks on the way, some are payed.
    I am thinking this will be an end of jan early feb thing by the time everyone gets all payed and cleared. For the ones who have already payed thank you very much. For the ones sending in cks thank you very much.
    For the ones who have yet to contact me and voted yes I am in
    Please let me know something. Even if you will have to wait a week or so to get the money up at least contact me and let me know your intention is.

    Thanks and I will keep everyone posted as this goes along.

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    damn, i wanted this yesterday.

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