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    bulletproof and resonable upgrade for rxp 07

    Hi, im new here to this wonderfull forum. Everything I need information about I can find here, its brilliant! Im from Norway and we have many nice lakes and a long coastline and long fjords, but of course: everything that is fun here has restrictions or is not allowed ..(snowscooters, waterjets..)

    I have been to the US in Florida, Marco Island some years ago where I tested RXP and yamaha 1200 two-stroke. It was so fun that I just bought a stock 32hours 2007 rxp here in Norway. After 3 trips out on local lake I feel its time for a upgrade I would like to keep the clean and original look in the engine bay and also have a safe and longlasting set-up. Before I found this greenhulk forum I was first looking at the r&d c5 monster wheel upgrade, but when a complete x-charger or just the impeller and outer housing have such a nice price it became my choice. On my list is also RRFRP, stock rxp-x 42lb injectors, external IC, 4" rear intake and 15/20r prop (probably slightly depitched). I will of course weld a nut in J-pipe for a wideband o2 sensor to make sure a/f ratio is safe for the first test runs (aiming for around 12:1). I was thinking to buy a XS style external IC (2,5" in/out) and make it fit with custom tubes/mounts/black silicone hose and with stock exhaust. If I dont find a good solution for this will I just run stock IC first. Riva intake grate is soon installed...

    If someone feel this setup should be different then Im happy for comments

    The reason I prefer stock exhaust is to keep noise level down to prevent/minimize angry people and police chasing me.. SOO STUPID THIS...hmmm

    I also have one question: How is stock exhaust on 4-tec 215hp compared to 255hp? Can I use my stock rxp exhaust to make 255+ hp? and at what hp level is the stock exhaust making to much backpressure...?

    thank you in advance for helping me

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    The exhausts are pretty much the same I believe. The Rxp has a J-pipe and I think a slightly different waterbox, but there would be no gains in changing the exhaust over.

    I think you should ditch the idea of keeping the exhaust stock. I would go riva rear exhaust, then you can just buy the fizzle kit and mount it where it is designed to go.
    Otherwise, you may be able to get an X intercooler and stock bracket and mount the intercooler in that position, then you could leave the exhaust as is.

    The stock exhaust is not very restrictive and there are only very limited gains to be made by modifying it, so you wont have problems with back pressure at significantly higher horsepowers. Most people modify the exhaust for the sound, and it cleans up the engine compartment a lot.

    I dont know that I've helped at all here, probably just confused you haha. But if I were you, I'd go rear exhaust and fizzle IC kit. Cleans things up a lot, and saves the hassle of custom mounts, pipes, etc. A rear exhaust is not annoyingly loud by all means.

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    X-charger, 42's, GH ecu reflash 8600, fizzle Ic, Rude valve train upgrade.

    Riva rear exhaust, grocco strainer, Solas 15/20R, Fizzle opas block-offs, SFR pump shoe insert, SFR bellow band, Riva grate, SFR ride plate mod. That ski will be moving. JMO! fast daily driver.

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    Thanx for the good answers! I liked to hear that the stock exhaust is not so restrictive. I feel like leaving it stock and then try to figure out a clever custon IC setup. Im also thinking of fitting X-intercooler and hoses, should not be difficult to get the hoses since most riders relocate the OEM IC.

    "MSRXP", your way of tuning it sounds fast! but i feel like leaving the rpm at 8100rpm for the moment. The plan was to leave it all the way stock, but then I wanted just abit extra but try not do too much out of it. I have to learn how to stop doing tooo much hehe. Its not easy, believe me

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