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    Balancing channels on carbs manifold

    What is the purpose of the balancing channels on carbs manifold ???

    Some people fills the balancig channels, what benefit does it has???

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    Carb Manifold Channels JB Weld

    The use of intake manifold cross-over channels on the GPR manifold was to improve the smooth-ness of low speed carburetion. These cross-overs work very effectively for stock engine platforms.

    However on a setup built for high performance, these cross-overs can significantly reduce inlet signal at high rpm. This reduction in high rpm signal is not a problem for stock engines, however it can cause uneven W.O.T fuel metering on a higher rpm modified engine platform.

    In the testing done over the years on modified GPR's, it has been found that by simply blocking off these inlet manifold cross-over channels with JB-Weld can yield a big improvement in the accuracy of fuel metering especially during extended "W.O.T" passes.

    Basically carb signal is increased as each carb is rendering to the signal from that cylinder.

    btw, those carbs look familiar
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    is blocking off these passages legal w/ijsba rules for stock ?

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