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    01' XL800 drive shaft removal

    Hi everybody,
    I just got this 01' XL 800 and I cant get the drive shaft out or the pump off. I thought the pump came off just like any other ski but I could be wrong I reckon. I dont see a lot of corrosion or rust but I guess it still could be stuck. I want to replace the bearings and seals behind the engine.
    It cavitates comming out of the hole. Also, there is pits in the impeller right in the middle of each blade on the outside edges on the intake grate side. Will cavitation cause this type of damage? No other damage can be seen from either side except for a few scratches. No dings or bent blades.


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    depending on where it is stuck. if you can get the pump loose from the wear ring or the pump and wear ring loose from the transom plate and its still stuck then the driveshaft is stuck in the midshaft. you can remove the intake grate and take an air hammer with a bit that cradles the driveshaft. have someone pull on the pump housing while you vibrate the driveshaft with the air hammer. worst case scenario you will have to pull the motor undo the coupler and hit the driveshaft from the engine side of the ski. to push driveshaft out of mid bearing. you can also try constant pressure on the pump using shims between the pump section and wear ring. and just let it sit. might come out and it just free up and come loose. penetrating lube isn't a bad idea either in the driveshaft tunnel.

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    this may help and yes the pitting in the impeller is from cavitation I had the same thing happen on a stock xlt impeller.

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    Thanks guys,
    I thought about that coupler eariler but I dont have a thin enough wrench for the jam nut. Plus I know those things are always very tight and have red locktite as well as impellers and PTOs on the crank. I removed the bolts from the engine mounts and slid it forward enough to work on the bearing housing where I think the problem lies. Does the shaft supposed to slide through the bearing housing or does it have a snap ring on the inside? I think its stuck too.

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    yes the driveshaft splines slide into the midshaft that is held by the bearing housing. when you unthread the coupler from the mid shaft you will be able to put something in the midshaft and hit the driveshaft and it should come loose. there is no snapring.

    here is microfiche for external jet unit.

    now internal driveline

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    If it's the same as the 1200 (not sure if it is), make sure you've pulled the 4 main bolts from the pump mounting, and also the small bolt on the left hand side of the pump (about 8 o'clock position). It's easy missed!

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