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    Superjet carbs jetting


    I am looking for some help please!! I just modified my engine and don't know how to tune my carbs...

    Here is what I have :

    - Stock mikuni BN38 carbs with stock jetting (130 main - 70 pilot - don't know what the spring load is)
    - Prok air filter with adapters
    - Factory Modified B pipe, with dual cooling and ported exhaust manifold
    - ADA girdled head with 35cc domes
    - V force 3 reed valves

    Can someone please help me choose the best jetting setup for my carbs please ??

    Thanks a lot!

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    Attached is a diagram I pulled off Wamilton's site for the dual cooling mod, & it has his jetting recommendation at the bottom. You'll probably have better luck posting on this forum with SJ questions because there aren't many stand-up riders on the Hulk:
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    Thank you! I already had that diagram, but this jetting specs is only for the pipe mod... I think I must install some bigger jets, as the v force reeds and modified intake will allow more air to enter the engine... And more air means more fuel needed..

    Good idea!! I'll ask that question in the x-h2o forum

    Thanks a lot!

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