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    Help!! Restoring my Polaris SLT 780's.. Can't find OEM decals

    Hoping someone has suggestions out there..

    I've been all over the web looking for decals for my Polaris SLT 780 restoration project.

    It seems simply impossibe to locate anyone that has them in stock.

    Might there be an after market company that can replecate either 97 and or 96 SLT decal package? Awe...I've come too far not to be able to restore my baby's to factory specs.

    Any suggestions? Anyone? lol


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    EXOTIC SIGNS may be able to help you...just a thought

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    Thanks ... just might have to go "custom graphics" all the way as an alternative to factory spec..

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    I think Exotic Signs is the name of the company that actually makes them for Polaris. I just ordered some in for my Virage a few weeks ago and even though they came from Polaris and had OEM part numbers on them, I was very surprised to see the name and number of the folks that actually make the decals.... printed right on the transfer paper!!

    Edit: I was wrong. I went out to my shop and dug the paper out of the trash. The company is "SunWest Screen Graphics" 1-800-665-0271
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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post

    Hey thanks, I apprciate the link!

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    Thanks, looks like the website is down...I'll keep trying

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