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    Thumbs up Raider Raider Raider!

    I have a 96 Raider 1100 and bought a spare ski for parts and have extra cdi's and keep her in great shape!!
    I want to build a raider motor and pump that will kick my ass!!
    without kicking my bank account too much,
    I love this raider when flying off wake and doing 360's
    and the 0 to 60 is great !!
    miss your wave and bam your off your ski !!LOL
    anyway info on pimping my spare motor and pump is all good!!
    I also have a 99 1200 but it's not the same feel as the RAIDER so I going Raider.
    Carbs ,reeds ,oversize,heads,where to start ?? porting?? stuffers??spacers??
    I love hole shot and acceleration after almost sinking it,, LOL
    I see there are many Raider owners out there PLS send your 2 cents ..
    all GOOD

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    I have a list of the things I did to mine on this thread, it might help you.

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