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    2 questions

    I just got my ski back from the mechanic.....

    1. How should i handle her after her top end rebuild?

    2. He said the engine cases are two different halves, how will this affect me?

    thanks guys, ride safe!

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    Those are interesting questions that I have ask myself specially the two difrent cases set. On the top end part I could suggest (and this is what i do ) add a bit more premix oil to the gas (for brake in period) or until you end that gas tank. Also don't hit it to much in wide open throtle this so you give chance the engine to settle.

    I've repaired once a GTX 951 with different cases and have no problem but some friends told me that can't be done because they were sold in pairs or machine at the same time. Enjoy the craft.

    PD '' Im no expert on this just do it for fun. ''

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    your not supposed to mix case halves. as they are usually cut from one piece. if they match up and seal correctly you are damn lucky. I guess you will find out when you put it in the water. as for break depends. some say flog the hell out of it but other say do the 3 heat heat cycles, the do a tank of fuel at half throttle and below and the next tank at half throttle and above to WOT varying the throttle the whole time...I fall somewhere in between these two schools of thought.

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    i'm pretty impatient when it comes to break in, but I do a full tank rich oil mix and vary throttle, i try to at least, i'm usually good for about half a tank then i get bored, the cool down after half hour has been recommended.
    not a fan of mixed cases but i've done it... and its worked

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    Roger, the engine had the two different case halves when i bought it, and it ran like a scalded cat until the pistons needed replacing. so he did the top end job and told me about the cases. i guess i will add some oil to the fuel and run it a little rich for the first tank or so. will that be ok? i'm sorry what are the three heat cycles?

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    Three heat cycles would be heating it up to running conditions, and cooling it down completely 3 times.

    You are fine with the mixed halves. they say you are not supposed to do it, but I've done it more times than I can count. there were 3 different sets of carbed 951 cases. the 97.5 GSX were white cases, and the 98+ were silver, and they made a few changes to them in 2000 or 2001. I'm not sure how the white are different from the silver, but I've mixed plenty of silver halves, just not the newer and older style silver. When I SBT a motor that has a decent core, I usually have a cracked but repairable half that I can send in, and I will keep the good pieces.

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    Thanks Pacer

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