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    HELP - VXS top speed 54mph

    Last time we were out on lake Huron - could only run 54mph with my fat 223 lb ass. My buddy (160-170) on hid 215 Wake was walking away from me every run.....
    Besides a new ski and weight loss - what can I do to keep up with the sea doo?

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    Your VXS should be hitting about 66mph easily with you on it, granted it might take it a little longer to get there than a 160-170lb rider.

    Do you have any excessive vibration or engine shake?

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    the vx is an entry level hire ski and was not built for speed
    54 to 56 is about what they run it's only 110 hp , not realy a fair comparison against a 215 hp supercharged ski
    if you want to keep up with your mate you will need another ski
    a good choice would be a VX18s that will beat him without a supercharger and is basicly the same ski as you already have just a bigger motor and 180 hp they run 66 to 68 stock and there is plenty of go fast bits as well


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    VXS - with the 1.8l , not a VX.
    If it's dead flat she has pulled high 60's (have seen her flash 70 before).

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    I ride 2 up and I hit 68 on my VXR, something sounds wrong.

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    I believe there's a "Learning Mode" in the ECU (that can be triggered by the Remote Key). You may have inadvertently put it in Learning Mode. The manual would explain more how to get it off of this mode. I have never had mine in that Mode. JB

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    Here is a quick clip from my buddy on the 215 Wake and his Go Pro. Best I can get out of her is 54mph in these spots.
    Not Learning Mode. My 7 year old does great in that (with me behind her).

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    about 71.5 mph with mods and 68.6 with out

    yes sounds like learner mode is on. to see if it's on just turn the ski on than off and you will see the light on the left of the display on the say mode. if that's what is happening with you control use the unlock button and hold it until it beep's twice that would be off mode and three times is that it's on if you can't fig out page 32 manual.

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    I put her i the lake by my house and speedo hit 77/78 mph take it back to dealer if your not happy there has to be something wrong.

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    It's just the choppy water conditions slowing you down. The ride plate on the VXS trims the boat for maximum top speed in flat water, & is not a good design for rough water hookup. If you don't have one yet, an aftermarket intake grate will help big time to keep the boat in the water & keep the pump loaded. The Doo also has a superior pump in those conditions, so he's got you at a big disadvantage with the stock handling package on your ski. The VX is not at all a bad hull for rougher conditions. It just needs a little tweeking to make it a more versatile ride.

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