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Thread: 1100 sxr

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    1100 sxr

    Anyone else here into 1100 sxr conversions?

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    I was doing a 1100 x2 conversion, have some parts if your interested.

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    I'm interested! I have an 1100x2 project that I've been dragging ass on for a few years now but should have it finished for next year. Are you working on an 1100 sxr?

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    I want one sooo bad. Some pretty good threads on that other website regarding these conversions.

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    I'm not. funding a dasa 1000 for the rickter. I will be doing an 1100 sxr as the next project, but for now I am giving up. Had exhaust/hull clearance issues even with the 900 exhaust in the x2. there is someone who doea an angle cut on the chamber to make it fit. Also, TDR can make a sick silencer that dumps into the pump cavity if you dont do the raddudes center bleed mod.

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