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Thread: Hey y'all.....

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    Hey y'all.....

    I've been lurking for a few weeks, ever since I picked up a couple of 2005 FX Cruiser HO that sunk in salt water.
    So, my son and I are going to work on them together. One at a time and hope to have some quick victories. Not willing to spend too much money upfront since I'm not sure of the other components. Last thing I need to do is put so much in it that I should have bought a used one instead.

    They actually look pretty good. Appears electronics are working so I'm feeling good so far. Of course, I'm sure I'll be asking for help so hopefully I won't ask too many stupid questions and drive ya nuts.

    If this fails, then I'll probably part them out.

    To answer the first question, "yes, I have bought an OEM service manual."

    Go Texans...

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    Welcome to the Hulk..

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    I was going to welcome you also until I read the Go Texans. I am getting a little old and my memory is fading. Who won when they played the Saints.... Hell that is the past right.

    Just giving you a hard time, Welcome to the Forum

    Definately you can get all the help you will need to get those skis running here. If not I can direct you to some in the Houston area that can help assuming that is the area you live in.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.... Plenty of information on here for you to read.

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    Live south of Houston.

    If Texans didn't cave in the four quarter, or rather, if they would have scored 30 points in the first when they should have, your memory would have been in better shape......

    Thanks for the Welcome folks....

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