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    Unhappy 05 RXT no power/top speed 43 mph

    Sorry this is long, I wanted to try and get all the details the first time.

    My buddy and I took out two 05 RXTs out riding today and mine didn't seem to have any power. Both have always taken some "warm-up" time since we bought them used a year and a half ago.

    Today I unloaded and started it and idled away from the dock (we usually let them idle several minutes). I gave it some gas to speed up a bit (probably only 10-15 mph) and noticed my speedometer not working shut it down so I could check if the wheel was "stuck" - went to restart and it cranked kind of weak and wouldn't start...cranked it a few more times...battery dead. We jumped it with the other one (cranked way stronger) and started up pretty easily but would not go much over idle (with the throttle pinned).

    I rode it around for a bit figuring it just needed warming up (and hoping the battery would charge up a bit)...after ~10 minutes it allowed me more power. I could run in the low 40s at ~5500 rpm, but that is the best I could get out of it the rest of the day.

    Background:05 model, bought used in late 2010 season with ~55 hours, had the SC rebuilt (because we didn't know the history) before starting this season (both machines), now has ~64 hours. It has always taken a bit of time before the power will come on, I thought it was a warmup I'm thinking something else.

    Help me with any ideas, can fix things, but my knowledge of PWCs is not great.

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    Change the spark plugs. Common problem.

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    I'll give it a try. Hopefully I can get it out to the lake to try it before the season ends. Thanks.

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    could possibly be the battery/chg system. Is it the original battery?

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    Try easy stuff first. Try plugs like Sea Dood said then move on to battery like racenaked said. If the battery is bad and the ski has been sitting a few days it should be slow cranking.

    Could be a weak battery caused a weak spark and fouled the plugs.

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    Its the same battery I bought it with, I don't know if its original. It did manage to charge the battery back up yesterday while riding and I was able to stop/start whenever after I ran it that first 30-45 minutes.

    We already have extra replacement stock style plugs, but is there a more recommended plug that you guys use?

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    Most people stick with the stock plugs.
    If that doesnt fix your problem, maybe borrow your buddies coil packs and see if that solves your problems

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