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    Had good piston wash then a lean burn 2001 zxi 1100

    Forgive for repost, looks like 2stroke guys are on here not open discussion.
    I got the unit with 5hrs on sbt motor, he said he broke it in . Guy raced and rebuilt raptors and rebuilt carbs have reciepts for all. I took it out twice seemed ok a little boggy at first punch seems to be pretty normal unless carbs are well tuned.
    I made a mini mag bulb on wire to drop in cylinder. Had wash spots the size of 1/2 $quaters . Ran great all day , then my daughter and i doubled up she was running 1/2-3/4 throttle when we cooked outsied edge on mag piston luckily the plug got smashed closed and showed it a little earilier.
    Seemed like whole system went lean .Other cylinders show pretty lean about what i have seen for drag sleds like just some devil horns at ports just under black.
    I am going to rebuild the fuel pump this time and go over carbs again. Any Ideas I don't want to smoke next piston next time.
    From what I have read many have better luck changing low jets and loosing the acc. pumps.

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    do a leak down test.

    i have seen crank seal failures on the SBT kawi motors.

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    look closely at tank filter check valve, and on off reserve valve, just replace both

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    I think you have more problems. I have yet to see a lean condition smash a plug gap. Your crank is probably worn out and loose. Unless of course a piece of ring broke off and bounced around smashing it.

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    Your biggest problem is its a SBT motor. I've had 4 apart this past summer. Crappy crank seals, missing thrust washer on crank, No port chamfering, ring lands either too loose or miss placed ring pin (ring walked around and visited the exhaust port). My advice is to tear the motor down and go back through it inspecting EVERYTHING! Then do the same with your carbs. Also just because he raced and messed with some Craptor carbs doesnt mean he knew how to rebuild a jetski carb set up. They are completely different animals. If you arent comfortable with doing it take it to someone. Pistons get expensive

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