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    can't figure out 94 XP problem, very fustrating

    Any help would be great, have no ideas left to check.

    Problem: runs great first mile, then it starts to stumble and wants to stall except at idle. If you run it long enough, fuel smell is evident, I think it is coming from the vents. I tried unscrewing the gas cap to see if that helps, but didn't. I think I have two problems happening, the stalling when hot, and over pressurization. I ordered new check valves and fuel selector to cross those off. I am at a loss about the stalling problem????

    I bought the ski this year, and never had it running to know if this problem was inherited with the ski or I did something rebuilding the carbs. My guess is the carbs are fine, since it runs great the first mile.

    Here is what I have:
    compression 140psi both
    Flame arrestor
    rossier rotary valve
    aftermarket 2.3 needle valve
    I assume larger jets
    MAG 1 1/2 low speed, 1/2 high speed
    PTO 1 3/4 low speed 3/4 high speed
    pop off pressure 17psi

    new spark plugs
    new fuel line and filters
    The person who owned it before used to race skis and was a seadoo mechanic, so I assume the performance mods were done correctly. unfortunately, he is not available to answer questions about his work.

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    Try posting in the 2-stroke section. There are guys in that section I am sure can help you. This section is for a stand-a-lone ecu for 4-stroke. For some reason a lot if guys think this is a Motor Tech section.

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