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    help with engine flush

    hi, i'm a newbie to jet skis and bought an 04 f-12 this year. just started to winterize and did the oil change no problem. for the flushing, i connected a hose to the connector at the rear, attached a funnel and elevated it about 4 feet above the ski. started the engine and started to pour the antifreeze in the funnel. it didn't really suck the fluid in and there was nothing coming out of the pee hole so i stopped the engine right away as the manual says that you should not run more than 15 sec w/o water/fluid. not sure what to do now..any help appreciated.

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    it takes forever with gravity and you need more than 4 feet. I use one of the ~$3.00 kerosene pumps from any discount retailer. I can pump a gallon in very quickly. There isn't much of a concensus on whether the engine needs to be running while adding antifreeze. I don't--the gallon and a half I add isn't nearly enough to back up into the exhaust.

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