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    Anyone own a 21 Skater???

    I am looking for real world experince with one. How is the all around boating? Does it ride dry? Does it sit low in the water like a STV river rocket or something simular? how about turning I have heard that they like to barrel rol in the turns. Is this just high speed turns or crusing speed turns. I also know the porpus around 45-55 is this the typical crusing speed?

    I am seriously looking at buy a 21 skater with a 300x on it and want real world experence. I have been reading over on would ask this question over there but I will get flamed they luv Skaters there and no one dere complain about them....

    Also am I nuts for wanting to own 2 boats at the sme time? I have a 2000 Air Nautique and then hopefully this Skater. The Nautique is ok but its SLOW!!!!! I am looking for something the is fast and comfortable for my wife and daughter no I dont plan to run flat out with them in it but at least faster than the Nautique can run flat out (40mph). I would like a nice ride for them at lets say 60mph though.
    Thanks in advance

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    Ok well I've got a good amount of experience with outboard skaters as my dad has had both a 24 and a 28 and we have a good family friend who had a 21.

    As far as the 21 it’s a much better rough water boat than any stv, it would take 2 foot chop just fine and is a very dry ride as well as has a good amount of room for the family. With that said it will not accelerate like a stv or even a twin engine skater however I think the 300x is the perfect motor for a 21 and set up right it will easily do 100. You are correct that they do have a history of rolling when turning however I have also heard if you know what you’re doing and don't push it you will be perfectly fine. i believe some of the skater copies such as the trick has a slightly reworked bottem to help prevent them from rolling. I would not let this keep you from buying the boat but simply be careful with driving the boat.

    As with almost all Cats there will be some porpous but I feel the 21 is not that bad and you can easily cruise below or above the speed it likes to hop. I say go for it and I have actually been considering moving from the jet-ski to a 21 skater.

    I see no problem with owning the wakeboard boat and a skater as they are completely different boats. I will tell you this though, once you get a 21 you will be hooked and then you will want a 24 and then the 28 haha.

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    Thanks for the input.

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