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    waverunner 701 exhaust leak.

    When i run my waverunner I see smoke leaking from where the ehaust hose meets the white box. Sorry for being so vague. The hose is not cracked and the clamp is tight. Any ideas? And other than visibly seeing smoke, what other problems could this cause? Thanks.

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    the exhaust is started to be cooled with water thats already cirulated the block,starting in the manifold. it enters the hose , which inturn flows into the water box (your white box), then out the back of the ski.. youll need to inspect the box for cracks as it is possible for it to go bad ,especially on a ski pushing 20 plus years ... also just looking at the hose may not be enough with out taking it off and inspecting it and the flanges where it clamps as the flanges may also crack...
    Is water also entering the hull at this area?

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    You probably have a cracked waterbox. It is fiberglass and can be patched up but a good used one should be pretty cheap.

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    if its waverunner 3 i have a good used box
    pm me if ya need it

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