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    96 780

    would like to run this machine to work out its bugs out of water is there a "T" fitting that i can install to run while in the shop ? this machine is new to me and i will require some assistance - aquired with cottage and i have not used it yet and suspect you get nothing for free.thanks

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    Are you talking about a Kawasaki 750? If so, there is a T-fitting on top of the cylinder head that has a rubber cap held on with a hose clamp. Remove the clamp and plug, then a 5/8" garden hose (with the end cut off) will slip right on.

    Remember, NEVER run the water unless the engine is running! Start the engine, turn on the water. Turn off the water, THEN turn off the engine. Running the water without running the engine can cause water to flow backwards through the exhaust and fill the engine with water.

    If it hasn't been run in years, expect to go through the fuel system to get it running correctly.

    If it's really a 780, it's probably a Polaris.

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