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Thread: Winter Storage

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    Winter Storage

    Hi, I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have cold winters with lots of snow. i was wondering if it is safe to store my ski outside for the winter? It is winterized. It will be mostly out of the wind but there will be snow accumulation on top of the machine.

    Ideally I would love to store it indoors but this year i am running out of options.

    What do you guys think?


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    If you have it properly winterized, it should be fine. If you have a cover for it, that would help even more.

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    Properly winterized(make sure you get as much water as possible out of the system)You should not have any issues. I would definitly use a pwc cover on it and then put a waterproof tarp over the cover-tied to the trailer. I would also unlatch my seat and prop it up a couple inches for airflow. Dont put a tarp on t without a pwc cover first or it will scratch the hull as it blows. The cover wont scratch the hull and fits nic and snug-then the tarp protects the cover and makes it watrproof-plus if tied to the trailer it will have a peak in it like a tent and help with the snow accumulation. By spring my tarps are usually garbage and i throw them out-but the $10 cheap blue tarp keeps the weather from getting to your expensive cover-makes it waterproof and heps with the snow sliding off the sides. You breaking out a snowmobile!?

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    Last year I winterized my ski, put on the Yamaha cover then covered it with a thick visqueen (plastic/contractor garbage bag type material that comes in a roll). I drapped it far over, trippled it up, poked holes and kind of laced it from underneath. I live on the top of a hill near Lake Erie, it held up great to the wind.

    This year, one ski is going in the garage and the other is getting the same treatment as last year. Plus I'm lightly spraying silicone spray over the engine bay.

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    i live in IL and our winters are harsh but nothing like yours. i keep mine indoors. all the time... and run a heater everyother day.

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