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    Question Ugh...blown cylinder...need advice

    Took our 07 VX cruiser (70 hours) in to be winterized and received a dreadful call from the dealer. The 3rd cylinder has no compression which means a rebuild. Apparently this particular engine requires a totally new case house (??) which equates to big buck$. They quoted me $5200 for the rebuild or the service manager has another engine with approximately 100-150 hours they would sell for $2K plus $1K to install.

    No way we'll go for the rebuild and not sure about the swapped engine either. Thoughts??


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    take it else where asap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get a second opinion you would have known it had a dead cylinder when you rode it last i'm sure

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    Thanks big john,

    I did notice the engine sputtered a little bit when in a no wake zone but did fine @ full throttle. Never stalled, etc.

    I guess I can try another Yamaha dealer because we are not mechanically inclined.

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    probably just needs a head or a valve job done. common problem with yamaha 4 strokes that aren't maintained or ridden often.
    until the engine is torn down you won't know if there is anything wrong with the cases/ cylinders. but most likely has stuck valves causing the low or no compression numbers.

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    happened to my FX SHO couple of weeks ago and turned out to be 4 valves, it only took head work to be fixed, visit a local mechanic shop before giving away your money on a STEAlership

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1_Fast_SHO View Post
    happened to my FX SHO couple of weeks ago and turned out to be 4 valves, it only took head work to be fixed, visit a local mechanic shop before giving away your money on a STEAlership
    How many hours and what was wrong with the valves/upper cylinder hardware.

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    if it does turn out to be the cylinder can you not get it machined and sleeved. will be a lot cheaper than a new engine.

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    I am almost certain the dealership is taking you for a ride. As said before, get your ski from the dealer asap.

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    Update...looked all over for an independent PWC mechanic around the Portland OR metro area to no avail. Called another Yamaha dealer 80 miles away and spoke to the owner. Felt comfortable with his advice and made the trek. Turns out my VX is just fine!! I am still fuming at that other dealer and plan to chew the service manager out tomorrow (they are closed today). Schmucks!!

    When I arrived they hooked it up and checked the pressure in the 3rd cylinder. At first it registered at 75 and after running on the hose for 15 minutes it was back to 175. The weird thing is there is a water rust mark near the cap of the 3rd cylinder which has us stumped. Rusty water was there but how it got there is a mystery. I've never run the hose on the machine so this dealer suspects the dealer I originally had it at ran the hose on it. Not sure but it sounds fishy. Went ahead and had it winterized, oil changed, and new spark plugs for $200.

    I am so relieved but angry at the same time at the audacity of the other shady dealer.

    Thanks for all of your help!

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    we have a bunch of rental ski in are area stuck valve or rings happen 30% of the time if they sit sometimes
    stuff called sea foam works great

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